Rules & Regulation


1.Although school rules target specific areas of behavior, our Code of Conduct defines a wider, more general ethical standard based on our core philosophy.

2.GFPS inculcates, and expects, an attitude of integrity from its students. It is part of our philosophy that all individuals in our community are treated with respect. Students should adopt and maintain a caring and helpful attitude, showing due respect for everyone. Every GFPSs student should be an asset to the school, a source of pride for their family and a person who earns, and gives, respect in all dealings with others.

Guardians To Kindly

1.Check the haircut, uniform & punctuality of your ward. Ensure that your ward carries books / exercise notebooks according to the timetable for that day.

2.Please take action on the teacher's remarks made in their class work / homework exercise notebooks.

3.Children should not bring mobiles, crackers, colors, transistors etc. to the school. All these are strictly prohibited in the school.

4.No student will be allowed to go home during school hours. In case of emergency Please contact administration office.

5.Visiting hours for meeting class teachers / subject teachers / Principal are to be observed as per the given schedule.

Rules Of Schools

1.Decorum should be observed at all times in the school premises. Students are expected to be attentive, with classwork and homework done regularly to accepted standards.

2.Movement between classrooms should be done in a disciplined manner.

3.School uniform should be worn neatly and proper standards of personal hygiene maintained.

4.No expensive personal items or large amount of money should be brought to the school. This also applies to mobile phones, which are not allowed in school premises.

5.Bullying, or lowering the self-esteem of a fellow student in any form, will not be tolerated.

6.Theft, practical joking, or 'borrowing' items without permission, are forbidden.

7.School property should be respected. The school authorities have provided a beautiful learning environment. Please keep it that way and refrain from defacing the environs, fixtures and fittings, and uniform with graffiti. Ensure that any litter is disposed off in the designated places.

8.Anything, which could cause injury to self or others, should not be brought to the school.

9.In the interest of safety, there should be no rough horseplay, rowdy behavior or abusive language used.

10.Punctuality counts a great deal; be on time for all commitments. Any late arrivals must give prior information to the school if they are to be admitted.

11.All absence from school must be attested with a parental letter, in advance if possible, or retrospective if need be. Failure to do this will result in an entry of 'absence without leave' from the school and a requirement to explain this absence to the Principal.

12.You may bring your lunch to the school.

13.Regulations governing school transport must be meticulously observed for the welfare of all fellow travelers.

14.Grievous or repeated infringement of school rules will lead to parental discussions, and escalation of such behavior may result in a period of exclusion from the school.

15.Attendance on the last working day of the session is compulsory. No child will be allowed to leave early unless there is an emergency. Parents are therefore, requested to make travel plans accordingly.


Student is enrolled in the school for at least one academic year. In case of withdrawal, the parent/guardian is advised to intimate the decision of withdrawal of his/her ward to the school in writing one month in advance.

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